Work Experience

  • SendGrid, Inc., Orange, CA (February 2014 – Present)
    DevOps Engineer

    • Managed a Chef environment with 250 roles, 400 cookbooks, and 3,000 nodes
    • Reduced the number of deployment steps by 25% by deploying the Mesos stack (+ Marathon and Chronos)
    • Maintained and optimized a 40-node ElasticSearch cluster that collects 1 billion documents daily
    • Deployed Kafka for replacing local queue on the servers in order to achieve higher availability and scalability
    • Worked closely with developers from the design phase all the way until the software is deployed in production
  • OneScreen, Inc., Irvine, CA (July 2012 – February 2014)
    DevOps Engineer

    • Deployed in-house cloud environment (OpenStack) and Chef Server for development environment
    • Managed over 200 servers in a team of two engineers by automating the application deployment process as much as possible using Chef and AWS Auto Scaling
    • Transitioned from using Chef server for bootstrapping servers to baking AMIs to speed up the deployment process in order to scale in/out more aggressively
    • Implemented a custom SystemV script to achieve zero downtown on application updates
    • Managed office network, workstations, and virtual machines
    • 2013 Internal Hackathon Winner: designed the back-end system and implemented a Twitter-integrated typing game in JavaScript



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